Managing Director's Message

CEO's Message

Welcome to your business solution company, Empire Credit. Here we understand your perspective about Credit, Savings and Investment. We know you want timely financial support that your business can afford and investment returns that is competitive. All these conditions and needs must be modeled on trust and credibility.

This is what Empire Credit is doing. We are creating an emotional connection with you by ensuring that loans help you, not strangle your business and that your returns on investment always create an irresistible smile on your face.

We do this because we are convinced that by contributing to your world of wealth, our mission to be the most preferred and leading financial service institution in Ghana will be achieved.

In our first year alone, we provided support to Ghanaian, especially women involved in trading, agribusinesses and education. Indeed we financed quite a number of workers within the public sector, microbusinesses and small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs)

We Put our group efforts together towards finding innovative ideas and results for our cherished cutomers

Why? Its because Empire Credit wants a life-long partnership with your business.

Feel free to walk into our office and enjoy the warmth reception of a friendly and eager staff that has become the bedrock of the Empire Family.

I welcome you to surf through our website , to get a first hand impression of our capabilities.

Emmanuel Nii Armah Okai

Managing Director / CEO